Sunday, April 27, 2008

4th round

Miami went o-line again, and took guard Shawn Murphy (the draft lists him as a tackle; he played guard in college) with this pick.

I guess that means we now have 5 potential starters on the o-line, so that's no longer a glaring need.

With the to d-lineman, that's not a need any longer, either. Now we need a corner and a wideout to complete this draft...and depth wouldn't hurt.

Do you see how "the triumvarate" is building this team? In free agency, we added a lot of role players and people to contribute (at least on special teams). Then, we rounded out some needs, and next we'll be thinking depth. I wouldn't be surprised to see some more acquisitions after the draft, when teams release some players. Maybe a solid corner or wideout...
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