Monday, March 10, 2008

More on the team from New England

A couple of new developments happend since I wrote my diatribe:
Matt Walsh and the NFL have conditionally agreed to a deal that will give Walsh immunity in exchange for spilling the beans.  This is wonderful news, assuming he has some things to tell.
And, a former player for the Rams is suing the Patriots based on the information about the SuperBowl walktrhough taping.  Others have joined the suit, and we here they are looking to give it class status to make it broader.  Arlen Spectre has said he will wait and see what this suit finds, because discovery will begin without the need for congressional interaction at this moment.  Lawyers will argue, documents will be released, the truth will inch forward.  Its a start, and I'm encouraged, but Mr. Stonewll (Billy boy) will undoubtedly make this as arduous as possible.
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