Thursday, February 14, 2008


I warned back in September that this deal was *far* from over, didn't I? [editor's note: only about 100 times, Dave]. So, we had the former staffer come forward and we had the commish talk in circles before the superbowl.

Enter Senator Spectre and his assessment that the answers just don't make sense. So, Roger Goodell agreed to meet with him on Wednesday. Goodell *hopes* this will all end nicely. The good senator thought something was very wrong with the timeline: the Patriots were caught, then they were fined, then they turned over the tapes, then said tapes were destroyed.

And a new piece of information emerged along the way. Bellicheat told the commish he had been using the practice of videotaping since he became a head coach in 2000. Yet the commish only asked for (and received) materials from 2006.

Its all fishy. And yeah, maybe every team does it to some degree. But, it certainly does underscore the fact that the Patriots just happened to get good when he started playing to the rules.
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