Saturday, February 02, 2008

The plot thickens!

This "spygate" mess has taken a turn in a direction that I, personally, like. Let's hear the truth!

There's a report circulating that there were 6 tapes that were handed over. Somehow, one of them got leaked and found its way onto the internet. Very scared, the commish destroyed them all.

Yesterday, he held a press conference and attempted to answer some questions about the tapes. He spoke out of every side of his mouth, modified his story along the way, and generally came off as not believable.

And now Senator Arlen Spectre has announced he will be investigating. The commish said he would welcome talking with him...

And late this afternoon, there was a report that there is, in fact, a tape of Rams games and/or practices from the 2002 season - you know, the one where the Patriots won their first champeenship.

Hmmmm.....Do I see a pattern here? What I've been saying all along - that they appear to have had a "conspiracy" to bend the rules because "if you're not cheating, you're not trying!" - seems to be coming to light.

If it is all true, only shame and disgrace await the coach and the owner for the misdeeds.

Here's to hoping the football gods set things right...
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