Sunday, January 27, 2008

Season recap

I realized this evening that I never did a season ending recap. Maybe it was the 1-15 finish, or Bill Parcells, or the coaching changes. But, anyway, here we go:

Best game: I could go the easy route and give you their lone win against the Ravens. But, it was more like Brian Billick's boneheaded call that lost that game fore them. Instead, I'm going to say it was the Pittsburgh game. It was Monday night. It was raining. It was scoreless until there were less than 2 minutes left. And Miami coulda actually won that game. And besides, for the fun factor, you couldn't beat that sloppy field.

Worst game: Ahem. 14 other losses, most of them ugly. There were so many games where former players beat them. But, I have to go with the Raiders game. Daunte was told to leave Miami, then came back to score a few TDs. And "Huggy Bear" 's son did a number on Miami rushing for 846 yards on the day. Or something like that.

MVP: Jay Feeley was the most consistent player on the team. So, I'll give it to him.

Rookie of the year: Samson Satele was nothing short of great as a rookie center for Miami. He wins this one hands down.

Best offseason acquisition: there wasn't one.

Worst offseason acquisition: Joey Porter. For half the year, he played out of position poorly, and ran his mouth. For another few games, he played in position poorly, and ran his mouth. And then for the last few games, he played fairly well and ran his mouth. And then he called out the coach in a team meeting. Yeah, there's a great acquisition.

Biggest disappointment: just how bad the talent on this team was. That wasn't Cameron's fault, though his game management certainly was.

Biggest offseason need: there are so many holes, I have to figure next year will feature 30 or more new players.

How my prediction fared: I think I said they'd go 4-12 or some such. I never would have guessed 1-15.
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