Sunday, January 13, 2008

A return message..

An anonymous poster noted:
I agree with you about many things. I'm glad to see Mueller, Cameron and many others get axed! This whole organization has been in a tailspin since Shula's "forced" retirement. The only thing that we had to hold onto was Dan Marino coming back to Miami but that only lasted for a few days. I think the next one that should go is Andy Cohen. He's nothing more than a "yes" man. If you go back and look at every comment he made after every hiring of a coach or player, it was a brilliant move, according to him. I've never seen him admit he's ever wrong or voice an opinion that didn't back any dolphins decision. As far as I'm concerned, reading his colum is a waste of time. What do you think the possibility is for Dan Marino to return to the Dolphins?

I wanted to respond - I agree Marino was indeed forced to retire. Buried in this post I reference that.

As for Andy Cohen, he has opinions about the Dolphins, but remember that he works for the Dolphins. He can't express anything but "the company line" in most of his work. If they replaced him with someone else, it would turn out to be more of the same. I personally like Cohen's writings, because he gives insights into the organization, and he has written articles with each of the Dolphins coaches since Shula.

Finally, Dan Marino will not return to the Dolphins anytime soon. Marino was a great QB, and now is an okay studio host. He provides some decent analysis on what it was like to play the game, but doesn't provide that many insights otherwise. I believe that when Marino did make his return to the Dolphins for that few weeks, the idea was to put a figurehead in place to appease the fans and try to create a football organization. H has a lot of respect for Dan and thought he could help in those regards.

But, Dan realized that he was being asked to essentially do what Bill Parcells is now being asked to do. Setup a football organization and help evaluate the team. What made Marino qualified to do that? Nothing. He doesn't know personnel, or the game of the front office. Primarily, he knows how to play QB.

I think he realized that he wasn't suited for that job any more than little Nicky was suited to be an NFL head coach. Its just too bad that H convinced them both (and others) to take jobs with the Dolphins they weren't suited for, and later left. It makes the team look sort of silly.
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