Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Randy Mueller

In a way, you had to figure Mueller would be gone, forgetting for a moment that Bill probably wants his own stamp on the team. He walked into Mueller's office at 8am on Monday and told him to get out then and there.

The reasons for the dismissal can be summed up thusly:

  • Mueller was hired to help Nick. Whatever Nick did right or wrong can be tied to Mueller in some way. Its unfortunate, because clearly the two disagreed a lot, but he did hold the title of GM at the time, and therefore bears the responsibility.

  • His decision to pass on Brady Quinn (and others) to draft Ted Ginn (jr, and family) and then John Beck was flawed. He shared the vision with H Wayne prior to the draft, and H bought into it, but I don't think he agreed with it. He got a *punt returner* with the 9th overall pick, and got a QB who had 4 terrible outings, and who clearly was not ready to play this year. The rest of the draft was up and down, with Mauia, Fields, and Satele being contributors, but everyone else not really panning out.

  • The Joey Porter trade was a disaster. Miami overpaid now and for several more years for a guy that (a) wasn't really a need, and (b) didn't really help. They should have focused on need. Again this is all Mueller at the end of the day.

  • In season talent acquisition was weak. They didn't really pick up anyone of note all year, in spite of having 16 players move to injured reserve.

  • The whole hand-in-hand love fest between Cameron and Mueller was not effective, and not the right approach for a football team. Someone has to be ultimately responsible. Randy was that guy.

  • Mueller's absence from the "management" of the Dolphins last season after Nick left certainly left me (and others) scratching our collective heads. Why wasn't he involved in the coaching search? Was he simply being retained because of his insights into the draft? And then it just extended from there?

  • And finally, Mueller (and Cameron for that matter) seemed to think that this year was the foundation for next year, and subsequent years, and that it "didn't count" in some way. Sure, that's somewhat reasonable, but you have to have both a short term and a long term plan, don't you?
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