Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New coach

Tony Soprano, er, Sparano will be named the new head coach at noon today.  It was probably the worst-kept secret (at least for this year), but at least the Phins can move on in the aftermath of 1-15...
Although its not my show, I'd like to encourage readers to talk about it tonight on -  on the Phinside with JL and Osmo. 8 ET!
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RE: A Debate between Cousins!

I hope you can help me out. I have a Cousin who lives in Miami and he is a HUGE Dolphin's fan. However, now he is saying that he has the New England Patriots as his second favorite team. He says when the Dolphins are not competitive in the season, he roots for the Pats. I tell him this is not normal. You don't root for a divisional rival team. I am a Dallas Cowboy's fan and i would never root for the Giants, Eagles, or especially the Redskins...

Can you please comment on this debate?

You can write to us at my email and copy him.

I am (my Cousin Diego is diegoduque@bellsouthnet)

Thank you,