Sunday, January 27, 2008


Last offseason, there were 7 new head coaches in the NFL. Here's a look at how they all fared:

(1)Cameron. Went 1-15 and got fired
(2) Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh) [who interviewed in Miami]. Went 10-6, won their division, and lost in the playoffs
(3) Bobby Petrino (Atlanta). Coached terribly, and quit on the team around the time they were 3-10.
(4) Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona) [who interviewed by Miami]. Went 8-8 and had a decent outing.
(5) Lane Kiffin (Oakland). Went 4-12, and might have been fired by Al Davis. Or not.
(6) Wade Phillips (Dallas). Went 13-3, but the team faltered in playoffs. It was amusing to see Jerry Jones at his side during the playoff game.
(7) Norv Turner (San Diego). Went 11-5, and lost in the AFC championship; mainly due to some poor coaching decisions...but still....

3 of them made the playoffs, one had a good season. One had a mediocre season, but has a lot of talent. One had a horrible season. And the worst of them quit on his team.

So, Cam was not the worst of the lot. But, he wasn't the best, either.
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