Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Analysis: LB

Goners: Thomas, Porter
Who knows: Washington, Spragan, Kelvin Smith, Miles, Abraham Wright
Likely to stay: Pope, Crowder

Yes, I know, the loss of Porter will make the Dolphins take a cap hit. But, they need to purge their roster, and I'd start with the mistake from the offseason in 07.

As for Thomas, well, I suspect his concussions will play more of a role than anything else.
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No way Porter gets cut. The rest of your analysis looked good. But Joey Porter stays for sure. Take a look at his stats for 2007. And remember that this was his first year to get accustomed to Miami's defense.

Tackles: 65
Sacks: 5.5
Pass Defend: 5
Int: 2

He also played in every game without getting hurt. The guy may run his mouth too much, but he is a great football player. Miami keeps him.

It might be up to Porter and Crowder to hold down the LBs with Thomas unsure of his return in 2008.


Its a gut feel on my part - I suspect that he'll be cut, but then as I say, I don't know what's in Bill's head...

Good points on your part.

--Bitchin Dave