Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In researching our last post, we came upon a lot of haters. People who thought Shula shouldn't be casting stones because the Dolphins had to give up a draft pick to get him, so "he's a cheater, too"...

But there are a few things I want to point out:
(1) Bill Bellicheat defiantly did what he did - himself - in violation of a rule that the commish put in place, and then played dumb about it.
(2) Shula was indeed under contract with the Colts. But, they were thinking about making a change to the coach, and Joe Robbie came and asked about Shula. Shula didn't do anything below board. He was upfront with the Colts owner. Robbie, however, was trying to get something for nothing and signed Shula away. Now maybe it was unsportsmanlike of Shula to leave, but he didn't lie and he didn't violate any rules. And the commish came and took the first round pick and gave it to the Colts as compensation.

There's the difference. The Patriots deserve the criticism on the whole. Robbie deserves the criticism in Miami....and really its no different than what's happening today with coaches moving around, is it?
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