Friday, January 04, 2008


Not unsurprisingly, Cam got fired yesterday, and all of his staff (save two people) were given the "opportunity to seek employment elsewhere."

So, there ya go. We'll get the 8th coach in Dolphins history, and the 5th one in 5 years.

No word yet on whether H Wayne will dispatch his plane around the country in search of another coach.

This is gonna be one fun offseason. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ricky Williams Most Lucid Dolphin On Field

From "The Onion" on 11/29/07

MIAMI—Ricky Williams, the troubled running back whose career has been marred by repeated drug-test failures and whose recent return to the NFL was met with speculation regarding his past marijuana use and current state of mind, is in fact the most mentally stable member of the Miami squad at this time, according to sources close to the team. "Ricky is totally focused on running the ball at this time, unlike our doubt-addled quarterback, our delusional head coach, and our punch-drunk defense," said a member of the Dolphins coaching staff, who also stated that "they are all out to get [him]"and asked not to be named. "Ricky's actually the only guy on this team who seems really mellow, laid-back, and relaxed, and also still has any appetite at all." Williams declined to comment on his mental state, instead inviting reporters into his apartment to just hang out, eat cheese corn, and play Katamari Damacy on his PlayStation.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Method to my madness

The idea behind the analysis was to look at the "guys who get it" (likely to stay), the "guys who are getting it" (who knows), and those who "will never get it" (goners).

I tried to be thoughtful, but unforutantely, I don't know what's in Bill's head, so I had to put many of them in the who knows category. I guess time will tell, and we have to assume that high cap number=tendency to be in the goners category.

There's just not much talent on the team on the whole...

Something else I noticed: there is an imbalance and there are more defensive players (even excluding the injured players) than offensive players. How's that for an offensive minded coach?

Analysis: specialists

Goners: (none)
Who knows: (none)
Likely to stay: Denney (LS), Fields (P), Feely (K)

Analysis: dbs

Goners: (none???)
Who knows: Will Allen, Andre Goodman, Daniels, Shulters, Bryan, Perry, Jason Allen, Will Harris, Bell, Renaldo Hill, Tillman, Worrell
Likely to stay: Lehan

This is the toughest group to figure out. Most of the guys listed are injured. Some are up for contract renewal. None played outstandingly well.

Analysis: LB

Goners: Thomas, Porter
Who knows: Washington, Spragan, Kelvin Smith, Miles, Abraham Wright
Likely to stay: Pope, Crowder

Yes, I know, the loss of Porter will make the Dolphins take a cap hit. But, they need to purge their roster, and I'd start with the mistake from the offseason in 07.

As for Thomas, well, I suspect his concussions will play more of a role than anything else.

Analysis: defensive linemen

Goners: Traylor
Who knows: Roth, Moses, Robinson, Fifita, Soliai, Bryant, Vonnie Holiday, Ninkovich, Page,
Likely to stay: Rodrique Wright, JT

Offensive linemen

Goners: Lewinski, Lekerkker, Hadnot, Shelton
Who knows: Julius Wilson, Mruczkowski, Alabi, Ndukwe, Toledo, Rosenthal, Mormino
Likely to stay: Carey, Satele

Analysis: WRs & TEs

Goners: Booker, Hagan
Who knows: Camarillo
Likely to stay: Ginn

Goners: Martin
Who knows: Peelle, Halterman
Likely to stay: (none)

Analysis: QBs & RBs

Goners: Lemon, Green
Who knows: John Beck and Casey Bramlet
Likely to stay: (none)

Interesting that none of these guys are expected to stay around for a second season with Miami. So that would mean that since 2004, we've had a different starter and back up each and every year; that is this will be the 5th starter in 5 years, with no immediate long-term player in the fold.

Goners: (none)
Who knows: Chatman, Gado, Cobbs, Ricky
Likely to stay: Mauia, Booker, Brown

Daunte Culpepper

Here's a rumor that made me laugh out loud: Bill Parcells mentioned that he likes Daunte Culpepper as a QB at some point during the season, and DC will be a free agent again this offseason.

Some insiders think Bill will ask C-pep to return to Miami.

That wouldn't surprise me at all. This team *is* in total disarray!

John Beck

Yes, 4 games is not enough to evaluate a young QB. And Cam did him no favors in the playcalling department. And the offense did nothing to help him succeed.

But, I have to believe that John is not the QB of the future that he was built up to be. And seeing Mueller get the axe makes this even clearer. If Beck was part of Mueller's grand plan, and Mueller was let go....then doesn't it stand to reason that Beck doesn't figure to be a big part of the future.

He wound up with (I believe) 7 turnovers: 3 interceptions and 4 fumbles. 3 of which were returned for TDs. And that his against the two TD drives he led - one TD pass and one rush for a TD by him.

He showed poor ball handling skills and an inability to adjust to the speed of the game.

Sure, he might be around next season, but I have no expectations of him competing for a starting there's another QB who won't be here.

Randy Mueller

In a way, you had to figure Mueller would be gone, forgetting for a moment that Bill probably wants his own stamp on the team. He walked into Mueller's office at 8am on Monday and told him to get out then and there.

The reasons for the dismissal can be summed up thusly:

  • Mueller was hired to help Nick. Whatever Nick did right or wrong can be tied to Mueller in some way. Its unfortunate, because clearly the two disagreed a lot, but he did hold the title of GM at the time, and therefore bears the responsibility.

  • His decision to pass on Brady Quinn (and others) to draft Ted Ginn (jr, and family) and then John Beck was flawed. He shared the vision with H Wayne prior to the draft, and H bought into it, but I don't think he agreed with it. He got a *punt returner* with the 9th overall pick, and got a QB who had 4 terrible outings, and who clearly was not ready to play this year. The rest of the draft was up and down, with Mauia, Fields, and Satele being contributors, but everyone else not really panning out.

  • The Joey Porter trade was a disaster. Miami overpaid now and for several more years for a guy that (a) wasn't really a need, and (b) didn't really help. They should have focused on need. Again this is all Mueller at the end of the day.

  • In season talent acquisition was weak. They didn't really pick up anyone of note all year, in spite of having 16 players move to injured reserve.

  • The whole hand-in-hand love fest between Cameron and Mueller was not effective, and not the right approach for a football team. Someone has to be ultimately responsible. Randy was that guy.

  • Mueller's absence from the "management" of the Dolphins last season after Nick left certainly left me (and others) scratching our collective heads. Why wasn't he involved in the coaching search? Was he simply being retained because of his insights into the draft? And then it just extended from there?

  • And finally, Mueller (and Cameron for that matter) seemed to think that this year was the foundation for next year, and subsequent years, and that it "didn't count" in some way. Sure, that's somewhat reasonable, but you have to have both a short term and a long term plan, don't you?
  • Zach Leaves


    Monday, December 31, 2007

    From the game (football 101)

    With respect to the Dolphins, the NFL, and CBS here are a couple of plays from the game...

    Chad Johnson had a long TD catch, during which he blew into a zone, and caught a safety out of position. Basically, he ran a bit of a curl into the seam behind the linebacker. The ball was thrown right to him, and he turned up field. He started about 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

    The safety - who was in cover 2 - came over to make the tackle, but his angle was very, very wrong, and he let Johnson get outside him and break it for the TD.

    Next, we have a 2nd and 1 for Miami. Cameron tries a little trickery. He has Ginn come across the formation as though its an end around. Then, he has the handoff go to Booker for a run up the middle. Only, no one bought the motion by Ginn, the blocking was bad, and Booker was stopped for a loss of a couple, leaving the team in a tough 3rd down.

    Finally, I want to look at a good play. The Bengals had a nice play call to put a lot of players in motion and get a receiver open in the zone. But Derek Pope played it well, and made a nice athletic play to snag the ball for an interception.

    Let the changes roll

    Bill Parcells invited Ron Wolf to watch the game with him. Their apparent goal was to watch the players in the game , and start the evaluations.

    Interseting how Parcells is here for less than one week and brings in a consultant to actually help him evaluate the team, and its someone who knows football.

    H Wayne brought in his *business* consultants to evaluate the team earlier this season, but nothing else...and none of the other coaches or executives have done this, either.

    Rumor has it

    Randy Mueller will be gone by Wednesday.

    Cam Cameron will be gone by the end of the week.

    Perfect season

    While the Dolphins may have had limited (okay, basically no) success this season, I personally did. I was in ESPN's eliminator, and wound up a perfect 17-0, besting even the mighty Patriots!!!

    I was one of the scores of fans who entered, and one of only 470 people who finished unbeaten.

    So there.

    two end of year comments

    "The Dolphins are now on the clock"


    "The Dolphins are undefeated in 2008, and have as much of winning the superbowl as any team!"