Friday, November 30, 2007

Vote for JT

He may not be the same JT on the field that he was last year, but he's still the same guy off the field.
Vote for JT as the NFL Neighborhood MVP!!!

The Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP is a new program that recognizes NFL players who are making a positive impact in their local communities through charitable programs and contributions. The program will reward a total of 17 players with a football field refurbishment or a playground build in their honor and a donation to the charity of their choice. Jason Taylor’s refurbishment is scheduled for Dec 18 at Bay Points Schools. NFL fans are invited to vote on the player they feel is making the greatest impact in their community. This vote and input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of judges will help determine which player will be honored as The Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP of the Year.


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Pittsburgh 28, Miami 17

Last Season, from
PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Miami coach Nick Saban had the red challenge flag in his hand, hitched it forward and back, and couldn't seem to let it go in time. Maybe the Dolphins should flag their own coach for a costly delay.
Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller chugged his way down the sideline on an 87-yard touchdown pass play midway through the fourth quarter, fill-in QB Charlie Batch's third scoring pass of the game, and the Super Bowl champions beat the Dolphins 28-17 Thursday night in the NFL's first game of the season.
It was over when ...
Joey Porter picked off a Daunte Culpepper pass late in the fourth quarter and returned it 42 yards for a touchdown, giving Pittsburgh a 28-17 lead with just under three minutes remaining.
Game ball goes to ...
Pittsburgh's Charlie Batch and Willie Parker. Batch was sharp in place of injured starter Ben Roethlisberger, going 15-25 for 209 yards and three touchdowns. But Parker helped keep the pressure off Batch, rushing 29 times for 115 yards.
"It seemed like it took me forever to get there," Miller said.
For good reason. Miller's score shouldn't have stood -- TV replays clearly showed his foot splayed out of bounds between the 1 and 2-yard lines. However, Saban hesitated to throw his flag, which fell to the turf sight unseen as referee Walt Coleman watched the extra point kick. That meant the Steelers didn't have to try to get the ball into the end zone from short yardage.
Asked if he got in, Miller said, laughing, "Touchdown. Yeah."
Saban apparently thought he could throw the challenge flag at any time before Jeff Reed kicked the extra point, but no official saw him -- and thus, no replay. And no Dolphins upset, either, even though the Steelers didn't look particularly sharp in their first game that counted since the Super Bowl -- despite Willie Parker's 115 yards rushing, Miller's 101 yards receiving and Batch's first three-TD game since Nov. 18, 2001, with Detroit.
Elias Says
Heath Miller
Charlie Batch's 87-yard pass to Heath Miller was the longest TD pass to a tight end in 32 years, since Joe Namath connected with Rich Caster for 89 yards against the Dolphins in 1974.
• For more Elias Says, click here
"They said they didn't see it," Saban said. "Whose fault is that?"
Saban explained that assistant coaches in the press box first had to watch the replay before notifying him whether to challenge.
"We can't challenge something until we see it," he said. "When we saw it, I threw the flag. It was well before the kicker kicked it. The official said he didn't see it, and when he said he didn't see it, there was nothing he could do. That shouldn't happen."
Coleman said the officials had no choice because Saban waited so long. He said they delayed the extra-point, waiting for the possibility of a challenge, then lined up for the try. Under NFL rules, there can be no challenge once the next play begins.
"We were unfortunately focused on the snap and so forth, and the coach threw the flag and we didn't see it."
He said he could never remember a coach being late with the flag before.
Miami, down 21-17 at the time, had a chance to come back. But new quarterback Daunte Culpepper was intercepted on consecutive series, with linebacker Joey Porter scoring on a 42-yard return with about three minutes left.
"We knew we had put them in a situation where they had to pass the ball. I had my chance to make the play and I made it," Porter said.
Porter was so excited, he ran to the sideline and kissed coach Bill Cowher on the cheek -- the Steelers' first known sideline smooch since Cowher planted one on Kordell Stewart during a 1997 comeback victory in Baltimore.
The Dolphins, trying to build off the momentum of their six consecutive victories to end last season, never led until Ronnie Brown scored on a 5-yard run to make it 17-14 in the third quarter. Marty Booker, sidelined with what appeared to be a concussion in the first half, came back to make a 50-yard catch of Culpepper's pass, aided by safety Tyrone Carter's slip, to set up the score.
"We were definitely in the driver's seat. We needed to stay focused and finish the ballgame out," said safety Renaldo Hill.
Culpepper was mostly effective in his first start for the Dolphins, until his late-game mistakes. He also was intercepted by Troy Polamalu immediately after Miller's catch put the Steelers up. Culpepper finished 18-for-37 for 262 yards.
"In this league, you can't turn the ball over in the fourth quarter," Culpepper said. "I'm better than that. We're better than that."
The Steelers also overcame a costly mistake when Batch fumbled Jeff Hartings' snap at the Miami 1 and Will Allen recovered, keeping the Dolphins in the lead temporarily.
For the first 2½ quarters, the Steelers looked much like they did in the Super Bowl seven months ago -- without Ben Roethlisberger, of course. The quarterback made an unexpectedly fast recovery from a June motorcycle crash, only to need an emergency appendectomy on Sunday that kept him out of his fifth game in two seasons.
"I walked in here Sunday and had no idea I would be the starter," Batch said. "But I always tell myself, 'When you go in there, don't be the guy who takes a step back, keep things going offensively without changing the game plan.' And I think I was able to do that."
Just like in that 21-10 win over Seattle in the Super Bowl, there was a Hines Ward touchdown catch, a long Parker run and a favorable call from an official, helping the Steelers go up 14-7.
Ward, who sat out the preseason with a sore hamstring, caught a 7-yard touchdown pass from Batch late in the first half. Parker used his speed to get loose on a 32-yard run to the Dolphins 35, and cornerback Andre Goodman drew a 23-yard pass interference call on Cedrick Wilson. Goodman started because of Travis Daniels' ankle injury.
Batch, making his first season-opening start since 2001 with Detroit, looked rusty for two drives, only to settle in and throw a 27-yard scoring pass to Nate Washington to finish off a 75-yard drive early in the second period. It was the first regular-season catch for Washington, a 2005 free agent from Tiffin University whose only other career reception came in the AFC title game.
Batch was 15-for-25 for 209 yards.
Miami couldn't get a running game going until the second half -- at one point, Brown had 11 yards on nine carries -- but tied it at 7 when Wes Welker's 47-yard punt return set up Brown's 2-yard run.
The Steelers unveiled their five Super Bowl championship banners during a pregame show highlighted by fireworks and an in-stadium concert, but the mood in Heinz Field wasn't entirely celebratory.
A moment of silence was held minutes before the opening kickoff for the late Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor, who was buried earlier in the day. O'Connor died in office last week of brain cancer. His son, Corey, was introduced to the crowd.


Game notes
Porter's interception was the ninth of his career and first for a TD. ... The Steelers have won nine in a row, five in the regular season. ... Miami was denied its first seven-game winning streak since 1985. ... Ward has caught a pass in 120 consecutive games. ... The Steelers outrushed Miami 143-38. Pittsburgh has allowed only one 100-yard rusher since the 2004 season. ... Batch is 3-0 as a replacement starter the last two seasons.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What else can happen?

Ricky Williams was suspended for about 18 months. He comes back, and after 8 days, gets his first playing time. He carries 5 times, and gets a hard hit and fumbles on the fifth carry. He left and came back later for one more carry.

The announcers thought that his time away from the game contributed to his injury, and later realized their mistake.

A player for the Steelers steps on him while chasing the ball after the fumble. I have my doubts it was quite the accident, and our resident wanker says he has HD, and could see the guy's eyes, and he knew what he was doing...

In any event, it turns out that Ricky tore a chest muscle and will need at least 6 weeks to recover.

So, his season is done.

What's left that can go wrong? Cam gets a hangnail?


A reader named Jake sent me a link to this site:
Its "Dolphins Crazy T-Shirts"...which includes classics like:
Miami DraftDoh!Imperfect Season BannerMiami WTF
And more.  :)

Good stuff, so thanks to Jake!

How sad

We here at Dave's would like to pay our respects to Sean Taylor...
The story is certainly odd, but it is really, really sad when a young person's life is cut short needlessly. 

Monday, November 26, 2007


So, Ricky made his triumphant return, and had something like 6 carries for 15 yards before leaving because he was stepped on. (really)

Meawhile, Chatman, who was not expected to play, wound up leaving because he hurt his neck, and he was only 11-17.

The announcers kept saying that left just Patrick Cobbs as the running back, and sure enough we only saw Cobbs the rest of the way. What happened to Lorenzo Booker? I guess Cam figured he didn't need him since he had Ricky, and therefore he was inactive...And why didn't Mauai get any carries?

Ah well, whatever. Who really cares anymore?


What a waste of a game. It was the second time this year there was a 30 minute rain delay, and the 4th(?) time this year that Miami played in a deluge...

I really have nothing to say about this one...3-0, with the lone score coming with a few ticks left. The weather was a big factor, and Miami's general ineptidue was another factor.

It was, ummm, yeah, ummm, short. At least it only lasted about 2 and a third hours.

I don't have a wanker. I don't even have a play I can single out as particularly good or bad that won or lost the game. And that's basically the reason I have little to say.

I remember the '82 snowplow game that Miami lost 3-0. I found that one to hold some intrigue, because a win that season might actually matter. Here, not so much.

I found myself hoping it would stay nil-nil through OT, so Miami could be 0-15-1. But, alas, their fate at 0-16 seems assured, because they found yet another way to lose.

6 of the 11 losses are by three points or less. That's a team that needs an exorcism.

Its not *that* it?

A man wearing a Dolphins 99 jersey stabbed a police officer on Saturday night...
There's a joke in here somewhere, I just don't know what it is...

This ain't rocket science

An article about Joey Porter appeared in today's Sentinel.  He was quoted as saying:
"Obviously I'm not going to be walking into the game under the same circumstances as I thought I'd be walking under. I thought I'd be walking in and we'd be about 7-2. They'd be about 7-2, and it'd be a blockbuster. So I can't be the same guy I thought I was going to be out there on that day. But I can still come ready to play. I just can't talk as much as I wanted to."
Okay, this is week 12 of the NFL season, and the Dolphins will be playing their 11th game.  So 7 and 2?  Really?