Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More on Beck

One of the local papers this morning suggested that we should blame Beck for not winning the starting job because he's probably just not ready to take the field.

Interesting notion. Except, if that's the case, then I would suggest that he is the *wrong guy* for the job, and Cam and Randy wasted the draft pick on a 26 year old "mature" player. And, in that case, they have their answer about whether Beck is any good, and they should be planning for which QB they plan to select this offseason with a top 5 pick.

Nice job at trying to defend the coach. But, wrong. We have to see if Beck can handle the job or not.

Maori Haka

I'm tellin' ya, the reason the Phins haven't done so well is because they didn't learn the Haka this summer. That undoubtedly would have helped them to prepare for the battle of this upcoming season.

Here's a video from YouTube of New Zealand's All Black Ruby team doing the haka before one of their games. Imagine how much more intense the Dolphins could be if they simply did this before a game!

Monday, November 05, 2007

You knew they would find a way to lose

From our friends at Dolfanradio.com

According to Fox Sports the Miami Dolphins were defeated by the Engineering School at Brigham Young on Sunday. FoxSports reported the score to be as follows...

BYE 17
Dolphins 16
Don't shoot the messenger; I'm just passing along the bad news. I figured at 0-8 we could all use a good laugh.

ANd the winner is...

A short time ago, Cam announced that Cleo Lemon will remain the starting QB for the Dolphins. He claims its because Lemon is a "veteran," and because he has a "gut feel."

"We feel confident when given the opportunity he'll do fine, but right now Cleo is practicing extremely well. Cleo does a lot of good things. Cleo has given us an opportunity to win in a couple of these games and we're going to continue to go in that direction. If I feel like a decision needs to be made differently and we need to go in another direction then I'll do that."

Yep, he said it, folks. Miss Cleo gives us the best chance to win. Win what, exactly? Why do I care about winning? I care about the direction of this team and where they'll be a year from now. Do we have a QB of the future or not?

Please, please, please show me that you're commited to the success of the franchise, and that you want the fans to have something (anything) to rally around.


Did I mention that I can't stand the Patriots? Maybe its their coach. Maybe its their smugness. Maybe its their good on the field - but not so good off the field QB (more on that in a moment). Maybe its the fact that they're in Miami's dvision. I don't know. Nor do I care. I don't like 'em, and was sorry to see Indy lose to them yesterday.

And now a word about Mr. Brady. Did anyone notice how he reacted to an official during one of the clock killing plays with under 2 minutes left. He was going crazy about something or other. Dude, you have the game won, don't be such a bad sport. But that seems to be his MO.

And off the field. Well, many players use their celebrity to have charities. He uses his celebrity to have models. The closest thing to a charity is the child support he'll be paying to two of these models. And need I remind you that he's arrogant?

It just makes the team so much less likeable....