Friday, August 24, 2007

Chrity Golf Tourney

To Benefit The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis 



Boca Lago Country Club

1:00PM Shotgun Start 

This year's tournament will include:







 (including restaurant gift certificates, gasoline debit cards, autographed sports memorabilia,

iPods, golf equipment, concert tickets, tickets to sporting events, and much much more!!!) 







 The 2008 Audi TT  

Hole-in-One Grand Prize 



Due to the increasing popularity of this event, team registrations will only be accepted

on a first come, first serve basis!


         To secure your team's registration at this year's tournament OR if you have questions,
 check out


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shows you what I know!

Sometimes, I get it wrong.  And that was the case with the starting QB job for the Phins.  I was pretty sure Green was brought in as the veteran, and a backup.  I argued that it was Lemon's job to lose.  The competition was "even" through the first few weeks of training camp as far as anyone knew.
But, yesterday, Cam Cameron named Trent Gree Green his starting QB for this season.  While I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, do you really want to entrust your offense to a 37-year-old QB who is one hit away from retirement, and who may be the "caretaker" for a year or two?
Whatever.  I'll always support the Phins.

Monday, August 20, 2007


There's been a lot of talk over the last week or so about some of the players who aren't living up to their hype, draft status, or whatever.  And how the Dolphins have been mismanaging personnel.
While some of this may have some truth, I'd like to deflect some of the criticism away from Randy Mueller.
(a) Randy came in after Nick already his 1st draft determined
(2) Nick made the personnel decisions thereafter, and Randy negotiatied contracts and arranged to bring guys in.
(iii) In this draft, Randy was responsible; and he had 10 draft picks.  9 of those guys are making some contributions (the exception is jr), and all 10 will probably make the team in some fashion.  There are also a handful of undrafted FAs, and some general FAs who Randy unearthed who are making a push to make the team.
(d) The decisions on some vets this offseason was partially for salary cap, and partially for their locker room habits. 
(5) Daunte may not have been handled correctly, but it was clear to us that Randy was never sold on Daunte, and Cam didn't want him, either.
So, I would argue that Dave/Rick, and Nick were the problems when it came to personnel, and Randy has done a good job of overcoming it.

Ronnie Brown

There was a story today that one of Cam Cameron's comments makes it seem as though Ronnie Brown is not assured of being the starter.  Basically, he said the competition is open and Jesse Chapman may wind up beating him out for the role.
He also made a comment that the fact that Ronnie was drafted #2 overall was someone else's decision.
I take this to mean that Ronnie is not getting a free ride, and more is expected of him.  Maybe he gets it.  Maybe he winds up being the backup and getting a lot of carries. 
It just means that we can take an even more critical look at some of Nick's pickups...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dolphins Chiefs recap

It was kind of fun reminiscing about a past Dolphins game, when I re-published the recap of the '99 playoff game between the Dolphins and Jaguars.

So, I've decided to re-publish a recap of a previous game each week. This week, I was unable to find any of the games I was looking for; so instead I present a game between the Dolphins and Chiefs, that's a little unexpected:

Ocean Lakes caught No. 7 Kempsville at the right time, capturing its biggest victory ever with an 18-14 decision Friday night that raised questions about the Chiefs' playoff chances.

``Kempsville lost a big one last week (to Tallwood),'' Dolphins coach Jim Prince said. ``We knew Kempsville had been playing everybody close and we hoped it would continue with us.

``This is no doubt, no doubt, our biggest victory ever.''

As Prince had hoped, the Chiefs (6-2, 5-2) allowed Ocean Lakes (4-4, 4-3) to keep it close as the teams headed into the final period deadlocked 6-6.

Kempsville struck first in the fourth quarter, with quarterback Fred Sanders dashing three yards on a bootleg to the right corner, then throwing to Trey Simkins for the conversion and a 14-6 lead.

``At halftime, we told our kids we needed a big run and a big pass to win the game,'' Prince said.

The Dolphins got both.

On the ensuing possession after Kempsville had taken the lead, Ocean Lakes got the run on a 64-yard scoring sprint from Chad Holland.

Then, after stopping Kempsville on four plays, the Dolphins got the big pass after taking over at their own 46 with 3:30 remaining.

On third and 12, quarterback Walter Amos hit Lavoy Harrell at about the Chiefs 35. There, Harrell picked up a fantastic block from Torrell Cherry that broke him free for the winning score.

``That waggle pass to Lavoy was open the play before and I missed him,'' Amos said. ``But coach let me try it again and I hit him. I thought he'd get hit, and then Torrell threw that great block.

``I saw it all, man. Oh yes Lord, this was big!''

Ocean Lakes missed both fourth-quarter conversion runs.

Kempsville had one last chance with 2:09 left, but two rushing attempts netted only four yards and Sanders threw one pass long and had another almost intercepted on fourth and 6.

Kempsville held a 6-0 halftime lead on Simkins' 1-yard run late in the second quarter and Ocean Lakes tied it halfway through the third when Amos hit Cherry from five yards out.

Saturday, October 28, 1995
Source: The Virginian Pilot


Rex Hadnot was being interviewed at his locker by a couple of reporters when he suddenly sneezed twice. He immediately responded with "If I get a third one, then I'm allergic to BS."


Around the NFL

I watched parts of a number of games last night. I couldn't help but notice how several former Dolphins helped their teams:

* In Tampa, David Boston and Kevin Carter had good outings.
* In Saint Lou, Randy McMichael didn't have a catch, but he did some blocking, and got called for a penalty on the opening kickoff.
* Meanwhile, in New Orleans, you couldn't miss Olindo Mare scoring some points.
* Wes Welker had a big catch for the Pats and was referred to as one commentator as the best off-season acquisition for the Pats.
* Daunte Culpepper had himself a good game as the 2nd QB out in Oakland. The NFL's website was touting his return.
* And of course, there was Brady Quinn's bug debut in Cleveland.

Incidentally, Joey Harrington started for Atlanta, and was noted for having a miserable performance. Where have I heard that before?

Kind of makes you wonder what the Phins are doing, doesn't it?