Friday, June 08, 2007


Loved this story. Vonnie Holliday was quoted by an SI reporter as saying

"With the ninth pick they took a guy who is basically a kick returner -- a hurt kick returner. Here were are in June, and he hasn't been in camp yet. Maybe he'll come in eventually and become a better route-runner and make some plays. But I couldn't believe it then, and I can't believe it now."

And now he says "it was taken out of context." What context?

"He turned it into me bashing the organization. I'm not criticizing the organization and Ginn. That's not what I did. It was my initial shock of the selection. I'm a player. I have no idea about Ginn. There were quarterback concerns and Brady Quinn is just sitting there and I think we're picking him with the ninth pick and we don't. Our scouts saw that wasn't the right route."

Yeah, no surprise there

On this space, there should have been some pictures of this afternoon's practice. Yeah, I had a little time, and was passing by the practice facility anyway. I was going to stop for a few minutes and snap a few shots, and a short summary.

But, alas, it rained, and they moved into the practice bubble, and practice was closed to the public.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trent Green

The media watch is over.  Trent Green officially joined the Phins today.  The media is blathering on about how they got their starting QB.  I still disagree and say that he is not coming here as the starter, and the media is wrong.
We'll see.

Professional? I think not

You may recall that last year I commented that there was a "Saban Professional Plaza" near the Dolphins' training camp.  I made some comment that he has his own professional center, and that's why he's successful.
Flash forward.  Nick's gone, and we know he wasn't very professional.  And the center?  It has a giant "For Lease" sign in front of it.
No surprise there.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I just don't get it...

I watched an episode of FinsTV the other day, where the host mentioned that FinsTV has a myspace page.

He was talking about the various features and links that appear on it.

Maybe I'm terminally un-hip. Maybe I just don't understand...but I thought the site *sucked* and I couldn't find anything of any particular interest on it, and there were a large number of broken links.

...but then, I generally find myspace to be annoying.

One thing I did notice is that a fair number of cheerleaders have their myspace pages linked to the FinsTV page. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a bunch of younger, much more socially concious ladies would be into myspace....