Thursday, May 31, 2007


One time (and maybe soon to be again) wanker Joey Porter pleaded no contest to charges that he struck the Browns player in the casino.  He got a $1000 fine.  The NFL is investigating, and may hand down an additional penalty under the good conduct provisions.
We'll see if he deserves to be a wanker if that's the case.


There's a story floating around that Nick Saban was in town visiting potential recruits to that school of his.  He did his usual best to stand there and tell kids he's a good guy, and that he doesn't lie.  He used some of his good ole boy expressions, and sounded very nice.  Some kids said they were impressed and didn't believe all the hype and might consider going there sometime.
But, there's a problem: Nick talked with the kids.  The NCAA rules are rather clear: you can't talk with kids during the spring period, other than a greeting.  You can't have contact with their parents, either.  But, Nick went to their schools and to their homes and talked with them, at length in some cases.
Nick says he didn't do anything wrong, and the media is making too much of it.  Think about this.  The man who lied through his teeth, goes to meet kids, lies to them says he's misunderstood, and then goes on to say that he didn't talk with them.
Ummm, dude you have no credibility left. 

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coming soon...

I am pleased to tell everyone that I have recruited the services of "The Rich Wanker" to provide insights into the Phins upcoming game in London. Based on my e-mail exchanges with him, it promises to be both entertaining and enlightening.

In the meantime, allow me to tell you what I do know about fans in Europe in general, and London in particular: they've come to like American football. Many are familiar with the sport. A lot love Dan Marino, though most couldn't tell you who he played for.

And, let me give a shout out to Rory, the Brit living currently in Australia. He's a fan of the NFL, and the Miami Dolphins. He provided a lot of insights into the way fans feel about the NFL, and made some really great points about why the NFL is having a game in London, and why the Dolphins were selected for it.

I can summarize it by relaying this comment he made:
Since the 1988 preseason game between the Dolphins and 49ers, the Dolphins have been one of the most popular NFL teams in the UK. The NFL was first on UK TV only in the early 1980's. The 1984 superbowl against the 49ers was one of the most watched
in the UK.

Doen't that say a lot? And then of course, there's Dave Hyde's article about the game.

Fans are passionate. They want their NFL. They get our team. H Wayne can understandably get past mine and every local fan's bitterness to help his product and the NFL's product succeed.

Samoans in the NFL

Interstingly, Miami's 4 pacific islanders from the draft and college free agency signing period are all of Samoan origin. And, they have one guy from nearby Tonga (Steve Fifita) playing in NFL Europa this season.

What's intriguing is that there were 30 Samoans in the NFL last year. So, Miami's contingent is about 12% of all Samoans in the NFL.

Reagan Mauia was asked if they were going to teach the veterans the Haka. He replied that it was up to the vets, and demurely stated that they were just rookies and wanted to do the best they could.

So, what do you think Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas? That would be cool. And it turns out that Tala Esera was the guy who led the UH team in the Haka last season, so you've got the right guy on the squad. Seems like a fun activity for one of the long days of summer...

UH team doing the Haka
up close version

Here's what the Haka looks like from the All Blacks Rubgy team

The QBs

There's still a lot of uncertainty about the QB situation. Who is the projected starter? Will Daunte be ready? Will Daunte even be with the team on opening day? Will Trent Green be here? Will he get a fair chance to start? What's the plan for Beck? And is Lemon the odd man out?

Here's my take, based on things I've heard and read, and because of my general understanding of the Dolphins management...

(1) Cleo Lemon will be the starter on opening day. He will lead this team unless and until he faulters in a Joey Harrington or Ray Lucas spectacular way; or until Jon Beck beats him out.
(2) Beck will be the 3rd team QB to start, and will have to work his way up the depth chart.
(3) Daunte Culpepper will not be with this team come opening day. When he is healthy enough, the Phins will trade him away. I don't believe Mueller is sold him as a QB, and I don't think Daunte has endeared himself to management. His style of acting as his own agent, but never making clear to management who they are talking to - player or agent - has had the same effect here that it had in Minnesota. The only thing that might prevent him from being released is Miami's failure to acquire another capable backup.
(4) The whole Trent Green situation is somewhat window dressing. Miami wants a veteran QB to come in here and be the backup, but tutor both Lemon and Beck. Green is the most likely candidate, but Miami is not going to sell out to get a guy who is not going to start. He may be given an opportunity to start, but he'll still have to beat out Lemon. If they can get him very cheap, or free, they'll take him. Otherwise, he remains in KC.
(5) If Green isn't available, look for them to keep scouring the waiver wires for a veteran QB who can fill the role. An older guy is what they're looking for, but one who has the right attitude about sharing. Not a Brett Favre type who says he won't help the young guy.

That's my take. We'll see how it works out in the coming weeks and months.