Saturday, May 12, 2007

Calling fans in London

If anyone out there is from London or nearby, and would like to contribute reports, pictures, stories, or anything about the Dolphins game this season, I'd love to hear from you!

I'm sure there is some amount of hype already, and I have no doubt it will build. We'd love to hear about it here!


The random lottery known as the NFL draft

The Ricky Williams case underscores the notion that the NFL draft is nothing more than a crapshooot. Ricky won the Heisman. He was a man among boys in college. I don't think anyone doubted his physical ability to make it in the NFL. There were questions about his personality, but often, those elements can be overcome.

New Orleans gave up their whole draft to get him. Ditka took pretty good care of the star, though he was always different (like wearing his helmet during interviews). Miami gave up too much to get him. And Dave took decent care of him early in his time in Miami, but then the stress of the job forced his hand, and Williams was exposed as having social issues that were magnified.

...and so, in all, there were 11 draft choices expended on a guy who had the goods to play at this level, but who flaked out and proved he didn't have what it took psychologically (though I'm not psychologist, and don't know him) to do so.

In that respect, will Brady Quinn, Tedd Ginn, jr, or John Beck be any good as pros? Who knows?

The curse of the running back

It seems odd, doesn't it? Miami had three great running backs in the early 70s (Csonka, Kiick, and Morris), and then Csonka and Kiick bolted to the World League. And since that time, Miami has had little productivity, and even less continuity, from the poisition.

Players came and players went. Delvin Williams was productive a few years after Csonka, but then suffered a torn bicep. Then, came Ricky Williams, who led the league in rushing for a year, and had a solid second year, only to wig out.

Think of the players that have come along. Try and name a few. Nottigham, Nathan, Franklin, Overstreet, Bennett, Collins, Smith, another Smith, and heck, even Ronnie Brown.

And oddly, since the early 70s, only the Williamses and Lamar Smith have rished for over 1,000 yards. It only takes 68 yards a game to get to a thousand. But, most players have been unable to accomplish the feat.

I wonder if the position is cursed or something?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dolphins v Giants tickets

I found the NFL's announcement about ticket sales for this game "interesting"...
Here's what I took from it:
* There will be about 90,000 seats available for the game
* The fans who flooded the website with 160,000 requests for 500,000 tickets will be offered tickets today, via a random lottery.  There's no word on how many tickets will be allotted this way.
* On May 16th, an offer will go out to Dolphins season ticket holders of record, offering a "package" for tickets.  There is also no word on how many tickets will be allotted this way, nor how the season ticket holders will be offered the tickets.  (Will they send an email to all 50,000+ ticket holders and offer them seats first come, first served?  Or will they offer them based on length of the account?  Or maybe premium ticket holders first?)
* "Later in the month," Giants season ticket holders will be offered tickets.  Hold on.  Giants season ticket holders are being offered tickets to a Dolphins home game?  How many?
* If there are tickets remaining (doubtful), the remaining tickets will be turned over to Ticketmaster for sale.
This sounds less and less like a home game every day, doesn't it?
On a somewhat related topic, the NFL is considering a change to scheduling in 2009.  At that time, they'd like to eliminate one preseason game and require that each NFL franchise play 17 games during the regular season.  There would still be 8 home and 8 away games for each team; the last game would be a game played in Europe, Mexico, or Canada (with asia being considered for the future) at some point during the season.
Basically, during each of the 16 weeks of the season, two teams would be somewhere else on the planet playing a game.  Week 1 it might be Arizona and Miami in Mexico, while week 2 would showcase the Cowboys and Bengals in England....and so on.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Still love these moments...

More on the cheerleaders

We understand that *most* of our cheerleader of the year contenders tried
out for the squad again this year. There were a few girls who elected not
to even try out, and instead hung up their pom-poms for the last time.

We haven't heard the full rundown of those who made the squad this year,
but we have it on good authority that Cara, Lilly, Michelle, Ireivy, Laci,
Lauren, Janeen, and Missy made it.

Oh, and our cheerleader of the year for 2006 - and FHM's sexiest
cheerleader - Bibiana, made the squad as well. I have no idea how she can
top last year, but we'll see...

You can reflect back on last year's competition at:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The numbers game

John Beck wanted #12, but of course, he couldn't have it, since its Bob Griese's retired jersey number. So, instead he picked #9...that's the number Robert Redford wore as Roy Hobbes in "The Natural."

(not to be confused with the last guy who wore it in Miami, one Jay Fiedler who was not at all a natural)

Travis Daniels and Andre' Goodman swapped numbers at Daniels' request. No money changed hands, as is often the case, but Daniels agreed to pay for Goodman's haircuts for this season. And lucky for Daniels, his very own brother handles the haircutting duties...

And interestingly, of the 85 players in camp, only 34 are holdovers from last year. That's only 40% of all players in camp that were around under the funny little man.

It also means that there will be at least 33% turnover on the 53 man roster come opening day.