Thursday, May 03, 2007

The pacific connection

Here's some must-see video:




Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2007 Cheerleaders

News is starting to come in about which girls made the 2007 Dolphins cheerleading squad. You can visit The Cheerleader photos on the Dolphins website. Or Magical Photos

One of the girls who made the squad is Fabiola Romero, whose claim to fame is that she was one of the three girls shown on ABC during the FSU-Miami game a few years ago. The group became known as the "FSU Cowgirls"...

Visit Maxim's FSU Cowgirls to see more of Fabiola, and her friends Jenn and Danae

Manny Wright

The Manny Wright experiment also drew to a close today, as he was released by the Phins. In his first season, he was active for a couple of games, and I think got on the field a few times. Then, the funny little man made him cry and he quit football.

He returned to the team a few weeks ago, overweight, but wanting to participate. But, the coaches decided to part ways.

They wished him luck, and gave him some tissues to wipe away the tears.

So much for Reggie Mexico

The Reggie Mexico experiment is officially over. Marcus Vick was released by the Dolphins today. Let's see, he didn't create any havoc on or off the field in his year with the Phins. He did dress for a few weeks as the emergency QB, but never saw any action.

And of course, he wasn't arrested even once. So much for a bold move by Nick.

draft recap

Overall, I'd give the Phins a B+ for their efforts.  And here's why:
I'm a big believer in special teams.  They account for somewhere around 33% of your success on the field.  Frank Beamer at Va. Tech was one of the first major college coaches to address this, and he uses starters on special teams to make a difference.  Similarly, Jerry Glanville focused on special teams during his time in Houston, and had specific players who used for special teams.  The end result was that both had (and have) enormous success on special teams, and get good field position, and cause trouble for the opposition.
So, lets take a look at the three critical areas.
Special Teams:
As it is important to the overall success of the team, Miami decided to devote some attention to it.  The linebacker and defensive lineman, and even both running backs, were brought in specifically to contribute on special teams.  And of course, they picked up a punter, which was a need.  And that Ted Ginn, Jr pick.  Jr. was clearly brought in to help the return game.  If he has just a few big returns, it'll be helpful.
Miami already had a pretty solid defense returning.  The weak spots were at the defensive tackle, and corner.  Corner was not addressed, but the plan is to move Jason Allen back to corner, so its not all bad.  Tackle was addressed through the draft.
Going into the draft, it was clear Miami needed a QB, depth at wideout, and offensive linemen.  The QB they addressed.   Wideout was addressed to some degree, and offensive line was taken care of.  My only concern will be that left tackle spot.  They are planning to move Vernon Carey to the spot, and that might work.
So, overall, they addressed the needs in all three categories, and I think that warrants a good grade. 
Who the heck knows if these guys will be good or bad, anyway?

College signings

The Phins singed about 15 college free agents.  The only one of note is *yet another* offensive linemen from the University of Hawai'i. 
I like the attitude, baby!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Haka

In case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about...

Imagine them all in Dolphins uniforms...

Rounding out the draft

Well, Miami executed no trades during the draft, and stuck with the 10 picks they had. In the 7th round, they had three picks:

Kelvin Smith is a linebacker from the 'Cuse, and his way to make the team will be special teams.


Brandon Fields was taken as a punter. He is not to be confused with the saxophonist.

But, at the moment, he is the phins lone punter, so he's got a chance to make it.

And finally, Abraham Wright was taken as a DE. I wouldn't be surprised if he wallows on the practice squad this season.

Continuing through the draft

Miami's 5th round pick was exchanged for Joey "I played the worst game in NFL history, except for maybe Ray Lucas" Harrington.

But Miami had two 6th round picks:

Their first was used on Hawai'i Fullback Reagan Mauia, a team mate of Samson's. Early at UH, Reagan was an offensive lineman. He and a few other lineman were converted into running backs known as "The Bash Brothers." Said Reagan:
"I'm more like a fullback. A running back is shifty like Nasty (Nate Ilaoa), and all those guys with speed. You're not going to find that with me, man. It's straight ahead."

I'm sensing a definite trend here, aren't you?

Incidentally, that's Reagan doing a haka after a game. I'd personally *love* to see that after a Phins game, wouldn't you?

Their other 6th rounder was used on a guy named Drew Mormino, an (suprise!) offensive lineman. He played for the Central Michigan Chippewas, where his position coach had this to say about him:
"He's a war-daddy. A war-daddy is fearless, intense, loves contact. Drew is just a football intelligent guy and that was evident the first time I met him. He's a gentleman off the field but he's nasty on the field and that's how I like my linemen to be."

Now I *definitely* see a pattern developing. Give me lots of nasty offensive lineman, baby!

4th round selection

The Dolphins went defense in round 4, picking defensive tackle Paul Soliai with their pick. Soliai played offensive line his first few years before asking to switch to defense.

So, there's some interesting potential in this guy.

But, defensive line isn't a bad pick. You've got, what, 2 (?) veterans and a bunch of really young talent out there, and this just makes it deeper.

In case you were wondering, he is Samoan. And don't all winning teams have at least one Samoan on them??