Saturday, April 28, 2007

Doesn't that say it all?

In reaction to the Phins first pick, ESPN was posting fan comments on their website. The best one had to be this one:

"It's gonna be great having Ginn return it to the 35-yard line to start every drive before whatever retread we line up behind center goes three-and-out."

Round 3

Miami finished up its first day selections by taking Lorenzo Booker, a RB, from Florida State.

Earlier in the week, he was quoted as saying "Leon made me a whole lot of money. He went out and proved that he's a better player than his stats showed."

Of course, he was talking about former teammate Leon Washington, who was selected in the fourth round of last year's draft after rushing for just 430 yards as a senior at FSU. As an NFL rookie, Washington led the New York Jets in rushing with 650 yards, and he caught 25 passes for 270 more.

I have to wonder who is in more trouble now? Marty Booker because he shares a last name or Ricky Williams (or for that matter Ronnie Brown) because they will be vying for playing time in the backfield.

Late second round pick

Miami had a second pick in the second round; and with it, they selected offensive lineman Samson Satele.

Here's what the Honolulu Star Bulletin had to say about him heading into the 2004 season:

Like his Biblical namesake, Samson Satele possesses much more strength than a typical man. Satele is much too practical to believe that if his locks were shorn like that other Samson he, too, would lose his power. But he's not taking any chances -- it is part of Polynesian lore that mana, or positive energy, comes from masses of hair. Satele's strength comes from tireless work with weights, studying of technique, good footwork, and a nice little mean streak. According to UH numbers, Satele allowed only one sack in 754 pass attempts during his entire freshman season.

Looks like the kind of guy we want...

Early second round pick

During the week, there were some who thought Miami had its eyes on one of the "second tier" QBs. Turns out, they were right. Miami got the QB they wanted in John Beck out of BYU.

Is he any good? Who knows. But, he has the advantage of coming in as a highly regarded player without the burden of being the #9 pick overall. Sure, Quinn may or may not turn out to be "all that," but the pressure on him to perform (by the fans, the media, and the coaches) would be enormous. Its unlikely anyone could live up to that.

So, if this is the guy Mueller wanted, I'll go with it.

I was looking for anything interesting about the guy, and what I found was that he's a devout Mormon, and as such, he did his mission out of high school. In his case, he was in Lisbon, Portugal for a couple of years.

Sure beats this friend of mine whose mission was to Philadelphia, PA.

With the #9 pick, the Miami Dolphins select...

"Tedd Ginn, JR, wide receiver, Ohio State" and the crowd booed lustily.

I don't follow college ball all that closely, and I am not a draftnik. I knew that there were two players I liked in Jamarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson. Other than that, I didn't know much.

But, I put some amount of faith in Randy Mueller. Sure, he's "associated" with the last two drafts, but I have to believe these were more Nick Saban's doings. Yesterday, in an interview, Mueller all but said his role was limited in those drafts.

Anyway, I had a hunch (which I unfortunately never published) that Brady Quinn was *not* a guy the Dolphins wanted. I had assumed that if he fell to them, they would find a way to not draft him. And their worst fears came true; Quinn was suddenly available at #9.

And Mueller passed on him and took Ginn, Jr. I heard a fair amount of hype about Jr. this season, and didn't believe it. I think I saw one game during the season, and his play was unremarakable.

What I do remember him for was the TD return he had against the Gators on the opening kickoff of the champeenship game. The play on which he was tackled *after* he had scored - by his own team - and injured his ankle.

...and he's still rehabbing from that injury now. And won't be ready to practice until sometime in June.

Maybe he and Daunte can practice together in the training room!

Dolphins "open house"

I headed over to the Dolphins training facility this morning to take in part of the draft from that vantage point. I gotta tell you it was a very nice, generous, warm, open, and inviting experience. They had bounce houses for the kids. They had food vendors. They had players signing autographs. They had cheerleaders signing autographs. They had some exhibits. WQAM was broadcasting live. And you could go into the practice bubble, the locker rooms, and the weight room.

Most of the Dolphins staff was around mingling, answering questions, and generally helping.

Tons of TVs were on and tuned to the draft.

Though it was kind of boring (it was almost a poor mans version of the NFL experience), it was really a nice thing for them to do, and the Dolphins appeared to have a pretty good turnout.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Memorable quote

After the Dolphins drafted both Sammie Smith and Louis Oliver in the first round in 1989, Joe Robbie was quoted as saying:  " This first round rivals the Bob Griese (1967) and Larry Csonka (`68) and Dan Marino (`83) selections.  It`s that exciting to us."
Louis Oliver turned out to be a pretty good safety, but never a great one.  And Sammie, well, there's another story entirely.
I guess it didn't quite work out as Robbie envisioned it.

Loved this article from "The Onion"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peculiar? I think so.

Unlike the NFL - which has the monopoly with DirecTV to show the games - Major League Baseball offers its games on the internet via

But, here's something strange: it says "blackout restrictions apply." I wonder how that works, exactly? Suppose I'm a travelling salesman. Could I not watch my "home" team in spite of the fact I'm never at home?

Oh well, at least they have a way for fans who don't have - or can't get - DirecTV a way to watch games...

The draft

Can this really be true?  The last time Miami drafted a QB was in 2001, when they picked up John Hueppel in a very late round. 
Pretty sad when you think about all the QBs who have been drafted in between.
Will Miami pick up a QB this offseason?  Who knows.

Odd ending

Running Backs coach Bobby Williams was fired last week, without a reason given.  But, he will be paid through the season.  Its an odd occurrence to have a coach fired in April, and he undoubtedly will be not working this season. 
I wonder if he had a difference of opinion about Ricky or Ronnie, or if he just didn't fit with Cam.

New Old home

The Dolphins are moving back to WQAM (560) after a few years at WAXY (790).  The Dolphins feel its a better fit.  And, while Jimmy Cefalo will remain as the play-by-play guy, it is rumored that Jim Mandich will rejoin the team as the color analyst.
I'll be curious about whether Joe does any more critiquing of the team if he's no longer the color commentator.  But, then again, he probably will still have his role on Fins TV which makes him stay quiet...


You may recall that Michael Strahan and his wife have been going through a rather public divorce.
This weekend, his wife held a "yard sale" to try and get rid of some of Michael's assets.  Some guy bought two TVs (regular old 32" and 27" tube tvs) for $100.  He said afterward that he was a Giants fan and looks forward to watching Michael play on Michael's TV. 
He was asked if there were any flat panels for sale.  His response was that the wife was trying to get rid of assets, but she wasn't stupid.