Saturday, April 21, 2007

The draft

Miami has 10 picks in the upcoming draft. I think that may be more than they've had in the last 5 seasons. Combined.

So, its really no wonder Miami released so many players this offseason. Otherwise, they wouldn't have enough jersey numbers for everyone.

Miami has held the #9 overall pick twice before - in 1989 and 1990. In 1990, the pick was used on Richmond Webb, who was a stalwart at left tackle; a position that hasn't been the same since his departure.

However, in 1989, Miami drafted a player out of Florida State who most - yours truly - didn't think much of in college. That players was none other than Sammie Smith. That didn't work out so well.

I won't bore you with the details of Sammie's time in Miami. Instead, I will direct you to The Dolphins Make Me Cry, and their Ring of Dishonor Tribute.

In fairness, there weren't any truly great players taken after Smith, but there were a few very good ones, most notably Trace Amstrong who was a solid DE, something Miami had 'reached' on the previous 2 years...

Incidentally, if you're wondering who I think was Miami's best overall #1 draft pick, in terms of contribution and longevity, I would say its.....Don Shula.

Miami was forced to compensate Baltimore in 1971 for tampering by stealing a coach who was under contract. To prevent it from happening again, Pete Rozelle made the Dolphins give up a top pick in the draft.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Scott Linehan talked with the media about Ricky Williams today.  He said he would be delighted to have him on his Rams team....uhhhh, Scott, the NFL frowns upon tampering.  And Ricky does happen to be under contract with the Dolphins.
But, then again, if you'd like to give up two firsts and a second for the guy's services, I'm sure the Dolphins would listen.

More on season tickets

I received an email today from the Dolphins season ticket office, reminding me that its still not too late to renew!!!  Wow, lucky me!!!  They also noted that I could add more seats, because there are "a few thousand" still available. 
How many is a few?  20?
Incidentally, I shot back a note that summarized my previous blog on the topic.
So, now they've contacted me in *every* way, short of having a player stop by and ask me if I was going to renew.
[editor's note: that's not exactly true, Dave.  We thought that having a cheerleader stop by could convince you to renew]

Nothing whatsover to do with the Dolphins

I came home yesterday to find copies of the yellow and white pages sitting on my doorstep, courtsey of Bellsouth, err, AT&T, no, it says Bellsouth.  I'm looking at them and thinking about just how useless they really are.
Then, this evening, I get a recorded call from BellSouth ensuring that I received my phone books and offering to deliver more - at no charge - if I want them.  Too bad it was a recording, because I would have asked if they could have come and picked up the ones they had already delivered.
Do they not get the concept of the internet and their very own website?  Is it really worth it to produce these antiquated books that are organized in a way that was decided upon in the 1930s (true story)?  Just for fun, try to look up something in one.  "Garbage" comes to mind.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The new amenities

The following appears on the Dolphins website.  Is it clear to everyone that these amenities are for the people who are paying the $$$ to be at the stadium (not necessarily to see the game).
For me, the "New, well-appointed restrooms" are all I need to know!!
April 18, 2007 - Guests who visit Dolphin Stadium will begin to see a historic transformation in the making. The Club Level is being hermetically sealed in preparation for the rich wood furniture and the new design elements being incorporated into the 200 Level, scheduled to be finished by the fall of 2007. This current phase of the construction will include the build-out of The Club Level, the VIP Lobby and Restrooms in the Plaza Level, the 200 and 300 Level sidelines, as well as the infrastructure to support the future build-out of the 100 and 400 Levels. The major expansion of the Main, Club, and Upper concourses will more than double the existing floor area.
Drawing its design inspiration from South Florida’s unique “sense of place,” the sleek and rounded exterior design appears to have docked alongside the existing facility, not unlike the nearby cruise ships that helped to inspire the design and detailing. Louvered sun control systems and a curving curtain wall system will help provide shade and comfort to thousands of guests. Every detail of the skin system has been carefully considered, including the custom curtain wall caps, custom railing and connection details, and a pattern of colored glass that will bring a gentle sense of motion to the elevation, not unlike the South Florida’s rolling water.

In addition to the renovations that are underway throughout the stadium, of particular note is the reconstruction of The Club Level. The Club Level is being transformed into an extraordinary place for incredible experiences. With expanded spaces and enhanced amenities, this unique environment will redefine prestige and luxury across stadiums in the United States. Among the new features in The Club Level are:

- VIP Entrances
- Private escalators
- High-definition televisions throughout The Club Level
- Fantasy Lounges with multiple HD flat screens to keep guests tuned into the action
- Relaxing lounges, clubs, intimate bistros and casual bars featuring unique menu and beverage selections
- New sit down dining experiences
- Private, flexible hospitality and meeting space to entertain clients and guests
- Cocktail stations with table service, inviting lounges and bars, and new concessions
- New, well-appointed restrooms with more fixtures and additional locations

Suite renovations and the addition of expansive north and south sideline club lounges provide expanded and new amenities to suite and club patrons at an unprecedented level of finish and class. Luxurious, yet efficient, yacht interiors inspired the suite design concept. The crisp contrast of dark woods and light neutrals found on yachts and cruise ships, punctuated by the blue ocean and sky, defined the suite finish palette.

The Concourse Expansion creates a new identity for the stadium, which reflects its connection to the unique South Florida environment, while pushing the boundaries of stadium design.

Dolphin Stadium is undergoing a historic transformation unlike any stadium has experienced in the United States. Working with HOK Sport, Rockwell Group and Stiles Corporation, all renowned in their respective fields of sport venue design and construction, when complete, Dolphin Stadium will offer the most-inspired and unmatched stadium experience in the world. Among the improvements and innovations taking place are:

- Adding 360,000 square feet of enclosed space
- Increasing concessions and restaurants
- Building new restaurants, clubs and gathering places
- Expanding museums, galleries, and interactive exhibits
- Upgrading existing luxury suites
- Providing flat-screen hi-definition TV monitors in all new areas

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daunte's inferno

Miami ran its minicamp with Cleo Lemon and some other guy taking snaps at QB.  Daunte rode an exercise bicycle and limped around the field, but otherwise did not participate.
We can all surmise that we were lied to about his situation by Nick, and that Daunte was not ready to play, even though Nick wanted him to be.  And, because he had a major knee operation during last season, which Nick referred to as "minor"...
So, it stands to reason that Daunte won't be with the team on opening day.
What intrigues me is what's happening behind the scenes.  Nick preferred Daunte over Drew last season, giving up a draft pick for a guy who he wanted for whatever reason, and even though the evaltuations showed that Brees was not as badly injured as we thought, and Daunte was more badly injured than we thought.  He ordered more evaluations to "arrive" at a conclusion that Daunte was a better option.
I am gathering from scattered reports that Randy Mueller was of a different opinion on this.  And Miami had invested a lot in Culpepper.  Mueller (a) didn't want to be linked with this, and (b) didn't want to be stuck with the problem the contract presented and having someone who was a leftover, only being kept because the owner had invested something.  And I *think* that may be among the reasons why Mueller hesitated when offered the GM job.  How much control would he actually have?  Could he undo mistakes that were made (that he never agreed with, anyway)?
It would seem that this will be resolved, and Mueller will be able to put his stamp on the team, particularly at the QB spot.  I'll be curious to see who he picks up to compete with the two guys throwing passes at the last minicamp...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Laid back style

I heard coach Cameron was laid back, and here he is coaching while laying on the field (the caption for Crowder might be "What the....?")

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Loved this little ditty from the Sentinel today:
Running back Jesse Chatman was originally allocated to play in NFL Europa, but he couldn't procure a passport in time to travel overseas.

That red tape has given Chatman a golden chance to impress coaches at this weekend's minicamp, as he and Patrick Cobbs are the only backups behind starter Ronnie Brown.