Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Catching up

A few notes from the last week or so:

* Let's see, the Dan Wilkinson trade was voided because he never showed up in Denver. He never said he would, of course, so it sure seems to me that that's the Broncos problem and not the Dolphins. In any event, the Broncos get their draft pick back, and Miami retains the rights to Big Daddy, who may wind up on the squad for all anyone knows.

* Ricky Williams applied for reinstatement. The Phins have no comment until the league rules on his request.

* Manny Wright came down for the conditioning program, and wants to play again. His new motto "I'll play for anyone but the little squidget who made me cry."

* Miami remains on the lookout for another QB. Trent Green peaked their interest, but the Chiefs want a second round pick for him. He was the starter. Relatively speaking, he has his health. Yeah, I can't see Miami giving up a #2 for him in that case. They reserve those trades for 3rd stringers like AJ Feeley, and severely injured guys like Daunte.

* The Phins put a survey on their website for season ticket holders to gauge interest in going to London to see the team play. They were hinting at a $3,000 package that would include airfare, tickets, hotel, meals, some tours, and a meet and greet with players. Its probably not a bad deal, but I suspect it will be the *only* deal.

* Olindo Mare got traded to the Saints for a 6th round pick. As I said when McMicahel was released, there has been so much change since the Wanny era that I can only hope that purging any remaining holdovers helps shape the attitude of the team.