Friday, March 23, 2007

Lack of a QB

The evidence about what's going on with Daunte is interesting.  Let's recap:
* He had a couple of great seasons, followed by a few sub-par seasons.
* He suffered a fairly significant injury
* He was rehabbing away from the team, and the medical staff was questioning his desire
* He was acting as his own agent, and that frustrated management
* He was traded to Miami, but was absent a lot from various team functions early on
* He was annointed as the starter, and played poorly in a few outings
* He reportedly had a row with Nick, and that put him further in the doghouse
* There were reports his problem was "between the ears"
* He reportedly stopped rehabbing, then started again, then had surgery again
* He is still not 100%, and is rehabbing.
And now comes word that Miami is looking for another veteran QB to come in.  Trent Green's name has come up, and David Carr is being talked about.  You don't do that unless you have 0 confidence in Mr. Culpepper.  Sure, you bring in a free agent, but you don't trade for a guy.
And the story is that Carr can be had for the price of swapping 1st round picks with the Texans.  Move from 9 to 10, and he's yours.  Seems to me that's a pretty easy decision to make, because you haven't actually given up a draft pick.

Monday, March 19, 2007

OCP opens

I think they call in the "Offseason Conditioning Program"...basically, they're asking all players under contract to come in and meet the new coach, and the new strength coordinator.  The object is to get the players into a new workout schedule, and let them know about the training camp schedules and such.  And meeting as a team could be a good thing.  Get the pep talk from the new coach, and learn a little about his style.
Manny Wright is expected to attend.
Olindo Mare and Jay Feely are also expected to attend.  Odd?  Maybe.

Season ticktes

I did officially give up my tickets this week.  For all the reasons stated, and as sort of a move of solidarity to all my fellow fin fans who sat in the front row and got jacked on their ticket prices because the Phins call it the loge.  Especially, I'd like to point to Big Papa Pump and the previously mentioned Richard (with the signs) who are being asked to cough up an additional $25 per game to be the kind of fans they are.  They're average guys like me, and I think its wrong of the Phins to do this.
I did receive the ticket renewal form, and for grins I was reading the fine print.  There have been some changes.  Basically, if your tickets are in in the upper deck endzones, you can transfer your tickets as before, but if your tickets are in the lower bowl endzones, you can transfer the tickets to immediate family members only.   Everywhere else, you can not transfer them, and the Phins get to resell them to anyone.  Its subtle, but significant.  They're trying to get more corporate people, and encourage people to buy and hold on to season tickets.
Lest we forget, its all about the dollars.

The offseason thus far

I remain skeptical about what's going on with the phins.  The left side of the o-line looks shaky.  The QB situation is totally in flux.  The dbs are the same.
And regarding the QBs, the Phins lost two top-tier wideouts in the last couple of weeks, both of whom went to the Patriots.  And both of whom said they'd rather play with Brady than be in Miami where there is no established QB.
By the way, as I look at the Pats, I see that they have broken from what made them successful, and this year, they're paying a few guys more in free agency, and even *gave up* some draft picks to acquire players like Welker.  I have to wonder if they're upsetting that delicate balance....
A mini camp opens today, and maybe we'll know more as it winds down.  Maybe.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gimme a B ... Gimme a Y.... Gimme an E....What's that spell?

The most peculiar "Dolfan Denny" passed away this week. And I feel a strange sense of sadness intertwined with a how did this guy get to be so popular.  Denny was a guy who started showing up for the fledgling Dolphins franchise in 1966, and cheering them on from the stands. 
He became somewhat of an icon with his ahead-of-his time orange outfit and sequined hat.  So much so, that Joe Robbie started paying him $50 a game to stand on the sidelines as sort of an unofficial mascot/cheerleader.
Dennis Sym, a.k.a. 'Dolfan Denny,' was officially honored by the team in 2000 for 34 years of service. Said his wife, Ingrid: 'He did everything he could to always be with his team.
He kept cheering well into the 90s before finally retiring. 
And I never got this guys popularity.  Sure, I remember him from the Orange Bowl, and he did get the crowd started.  BUT, it seemed so strange somehow.  A guy who had been ahead of his time 30 years before now seemed outdated.  There have been those who have come since like Big Papa Pump and Richard (the guy with the shoulder pads and the signs), but they'll always be compared to the guy who wore the coaches shorts and the big orange hat.
Like I said, he'll be missed in the oddest of ways...
May the football gods welcome you warmly, because there's no doubt you loved your team.