Sunday, December 02, 2007

A tough choice?

This week, I was offered a free seat to the Dolphins game. But, I already had plans to visit an elderly relative.

Hmmm. See the Dolphins try and win or go and listen to the same tired jokes? I chose the jokes. Er, the ones told by the relatives not the ones on the field.

I watched the first quarter of the game, and listened to most of the second quarter on the radio as we drove. I stopped right at the 2 minute warning as the Dophins were driving. My wife said "what difference does it make? You know they're going to lose."

And I got back in the car shortly after the final down. 40-13 sounds pretty bad to me. I'm watching some of the, ahem, hilights now, but thankfully, Tivo will allow me to fast forward when the going gets really bad. As it just did. Ouch...
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