Saturday, December 08, 2007

That's odd...

The NFL concluded that the officials were right in the Ravens-Patriots game on Monday night, and that nothing further would come of it. Except that they are wrong.

Okay, they were right when the fined the player who argued with the official and threw the flag into the crowd. And maybe they were right in fining the one player who spoke out and said "we can't play the patriots and the officials."

But, they said that was a TD catch at the end, which is clearly wrong. And they didn't even comment on the defensive coach who called time out.

And then there's the issue of the ref calling a player "boy." The player commented on it after the game, and the league said they looked into it, and it was all taken out of context and incorrect. And then the fined the player for criticizing the ref!

Uhhh, that's just not warranted in this case. The NFL messed up...
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