Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am proud to say that I have not watched a single Patriots game this year. The reasons? They are so smug, their coach is an arse, and to me their wins are all tainted. And, by the way, no Patriots players appear on any of my fantasy teams. I did, however, reluctantly pick them in the eliminator a few weeks ago...

Anyway, I saw the highlights of Sunday's game, and there were three things that stood out to me:
(1) on the 4th down play, a defensive assistant called timeout to negate the stop of the Patriots on 4th and 1. If anyone is keeping score at home, the rule says that any player or the HEAD coach can call timeout. Since it wasn't the head coach, it should have been ignored.
(2) The pass interference call against the Ravens on the ensuing 4th down may have been correct, however, it was picky considering that that much contact happens on most plays, and the ball wasn't catchable IMHO.
and (3) the TD pass to Gaffney was incomplete. He was bobbling the ball as he stepped out, therefore incomplete. I was surprised the officials didn't review the play. Or maybe I'm not at all surprised...

So, while the Dolphins can't catch a single break, the Patriots are always given *every* break.

I did love seeing the kickoff from the opposition 30. That was amusing.
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