Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yup. The Dolphins lost. No surprise there. And *when* the Patriots finish the season undefeated, the Dolphins can look in the mirror and say they were 12.25% responsible for allowing it to happen.

They faced them twice this season, and put forth such a poor performance that they allowed their history to be obliterated. Now fans can no longer say "at least we were 17-0." It has no significance any longer. Too bad.

It helped that the Pats faced the Jets twice as well. 25% of their wins, then, came against crappy AFC East opponents. And 25% came against a weak AFC North. Ah, well, whatever.

...and I would like to point out that I continued the very fine tradition of not watching a single Patriots game this year. I made a commitment to myself to not watch them because of their tainted legacy, and I'm holding to that. Sure, they have a superior QB, and some talent that's better than any other team's. But, they bend the rules as far as they can, and its not right. And yes, other teams could and maybe should do the same, but they don't and it creates an uneven playing field.

For what its worth, I still believe there's a lot more to the story, and the NFL is very afraid that it will lose popularity if the truth came out.
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