Monday, December 03, 2007


It was early in the game. Joey Porter had just picked off a Jets pass and run it back to the 32. There's a general rule (which I've heard as "the law of the other shoe") which basically says that after a big play such as a turnover, the offense has the advantage, and should make a gutsy call for a TD. That is, the turnover was one shoe, and going for the TD is the other shoe.

Anyway, did Cam call for a quick strike to get a TD? Nope. He ran straight ahead for a modest gain. And this was against an 8 man front, meaning that they EXPECTED the run. This was the *perfect* opportunity to try and score. They didn't. And then, to make matters worse, he called runs on second and third downs as well, and settled for the field goal. I heard Cefalo, Mandich, and Rose calling for him to try for the score, because they saw it, too. He kept it conservative, and at that point, he lost the game. I'm serious. This was the turning point that gave the game to the Jets.

Just to illustrate a point, this was a typical Miami play. Beck lines up, rolls slightly to the right, and throws to the tight end, who is 5 yards downfield. Yipee. Really attacks the defense, doesn't it?
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