Monday, December 17, 2007

Play of the day

Certainly Camarillo's TD sealed the day for Miami. But, it was a decision by Brian Billick and the Ravens that won the game for Miami. The Phins were playing better than they had pretty much all year. And yet, they were in danger - big danger - of losing the game.

Here come the Ravens down the field with less than a minute left. Its 3rd and goal at about the 10. Troy Smith passes to the receiver, who comes down at about the half yard line.

There are 8 ticks left. Baltimore calls timeout, and Billick decides to go for the field goal to tie and take his chances in OT. But, fortune favors the bold. You've got 4 wins. You're on the road. You're dominating Miami on this drive. I commented that most of the Phins players had their heads down when Baltimore got the first down. Sure, they perked up some when it came to 3rd down, but you still have the advantage...

The players linger on the field, and Billick has to yell to get them to come off. The offense wants to go for it. They believe in themselves, and think they can get it. Billick has other plans.

Troy Smith has to be talked down by an assistant.

Sure, Baltimore gets the ball to start OT, but now two things happen: (1) Miami gets new life, and (2) the offense lacks confidence because they were un-inspired by their coach.

Miami effectively won the game on that play.
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