Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Lemon and Beck

Players are lobbying for Lemon because he has more experience. That experience includes: holding a clipboard for 46 games, attending lots of meetings, and ocassionally running the scout team, and 2 more starts than Beck.

Does that give him any sort of an edge? I doubt it.

We hear that Cam was "encouraged" to start Beck a few weeks ago and did so somewhat reluctantly. He wanted Beck to ride the pine for the entire season, and ultimately pulled him in a Wannstedtian manner (AJ Feeley anyone?).

And that leads me to mention that coaches often make decisions that they think wil best suit their coaching future. Sometimes a coach will go for a late field goal when their point total is 0; the idea being that they can say they weren't shut out.

In Cam's case, he started Beck because he thought it would be something he could look H in the eye and say "see? I'm committed to the future." Never mind that he likely thought it was a bad idea.

Now he's at a point where all that matters is one victory. If he goes 0-16, he'll always have that. That's infamous. Name one coach (other than JJ) who went 1-15. Its not memorable, is it? But 0-16? Everyone will remember. And it might make the difference between having his job and not. So, yeah, he's going to go with whoever makes him think a win is possible. That's Lemon.

One aside: there's a rumor that he is being considered for the Michigan job. I say "go for it." Why not? But then again, why would Michigan want him? He hasn't proven anything, yet.
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