Monday, December 10, 2007

Odd, indeed

Miami punted after its first posession, and Roscoe Parrish took it to the house for the score.  But, there was a flag way upfield for an illegal block, and there was a second flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on another player after the score.  The ref said the unsportsmanlike was declined, but the holding would be enforced. 
Then, on the next play, Lynch ran for 11 yards, and was brought down. The ball squirted out and Lance Shulters recovered it.  As he was running off the field, he spiked the ball.  The flag came out for spiking the ball.  But, then, the Bills challenged the play, and the runner was ruled down by contact.
But, in this case, the penalty for spiking the ball was enforced anyway.
Now, how can that be?  Under almost every scenario I can think of, this makes no sense.  They're both dead ball fouls and occured after the play.  Either they both should be enforced, or both declined.l
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