Monday, December 03, 2007

More on playcalling

I also wanted to show you what the Jets did, shortly after Miami's "miscue" after the turnover: they threw it deep, and gained 51 yards and started the rout.

Take a look at this play. The route is a simple fly by the receiver. The QB starts to move back, and fakes a handoff to the running back. But, look at the play, he is so stretched out, it can't possibly be a run. There are plays where the QB is supposed to intentionally reach out to get the defense out of position, but this was so awkward, it couldn't pssibly be a long reach...and the linebackers, well, they had enough of a lapse to be drawn in for just a moment. Long enough to let the play develop...

Then, the QB simply drops back and heaves it. Look, its like the Patriots and he's 7 yards behind the line when he throws it. No wonder it worked...

I suspect this is not in our playbook.

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