Monday, December 17, 2007

The future

Now that some of the euphoria has died down, I'll ask a couple of questions:
* Will Wayne sell the team? His crying at the end, clearly displayed emotion, and I wonder if that was some of his frustration being lost via his tear ducts.
* Is 1-15 good enough to save Cam's job, in spite of his mistakes in many games?
* With Cleo having a good outing, and now having secured the QB job for the last couple of games, what do we make of John Beck? And should the Phins draft a QB early in April's draft? (they will undoubtedly pick up one later, and maybe a free agent as well)

Here's what I think:
(1) No. He'll keep it.
(b) Its good enough
(iii) Gee, Trent Edwards and Troy Smith are playing well, while Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb, Jeff Rowe, Jordan Palmer, and Tyler Thigpen are securely seated on the bench. But remember that for every player still riding the pine, there's a solid starter ahead of him (except in Jamarcus' case); and yes they'll draft a QB early.
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