Monday, December 31, 2007

From the game (football 101)

With respect to the Dolphins, the NFL, and CBS here are a couple of plays from the game...

Chad Johnson had a long TD catch, during which he blew into a zone, and caught a safety out of position. Basically, he ran a bit of a curl into the seam behind the linebacker. The ball was thrown right to him, and he turned up field. He started about 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

The safety - who was in cover 2 - came over to make the tackle, but his angle was very, very wrong, and he let Johnson get outside him and break it for the TD.

Next, we have a 2nd and 1 for Miami. Cameron tries a little trickery. He has Ginn come across the formation as though its an end around. Then, he has the handoff go to Booker for a run up the middle. Only, no one bought the motion by Ginn, the blocking was bad, and Booker was stopped for a loss of a couple, leaving the team in a tough 3rd down.

Finally, I want to look at a good play. The Bengals had a nice play call to put a lot of players in motion and get a receiver open in the zone. But Derek Pope played it well, and made a nice athletic play to snag the ball for an interception.
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