Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A few comments

I read a quote this morning from H Wayne, jr in which he thought daddy was supportive of Cam Cameron. Incicentally, jr is on the board of directors for the Dolphins and is not the son who had a scrape with the law involving drunkeness. In other words, I suspect jr was not drunk at the time. But, he did have this to say "We're just prayerful that we could get this turned around."

Be devout, that's fine. But, this is football and only actions matter here. You're acting as a representative of the club, so no need to mention that.

Also, Randy Meuller was on his blog saying that he and Cam have gotten a lot of support from H sr, and Bryan Weidemeir. I'm glad, but we're back to a problem with a structure of the team.

Actually, this is something Shed Dawg Mike mentioned. I lauded H for making a change and putting a football infrastructure in place. But, I neglected the fact that Cam and Randy are on equal footing in the organization. Typically, the GM has higher standing and has authority to hire and fire the head coach. Randy doesn't have that, which is okay in a general sense but not in a practical sense.

What if Cam does get fired. Does Randy go too? Does he get to help pick the new guy? Its all fairly confusing...
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