Monday, December 17, 2007

defensive philosphy

The task at hand was to put pressure on the QB from as many formations as possible. Maybe Dom suddenly remembered how to do this, maybe some of the players started playing better.

Either way, it started to work.

With respect to CBS, the Dolphins, and the NFL on this and a couple of other posts, here's what happened:

On the first play, JT lined up on the left side - over the offensive right tackle. He used a speed rush, and just blew past the guy. It worked, in part, because (1) the defensive tackle lined up next to him moved slightly outward, (2) because there are two extra players - a saftey and a LB - at the line who have to be accounted for. The safety was going to play the back in coverage. The linebacker was rushing, and (3) because on several previous downs, JT dropped into coverage.

The offense was confused and he got to the QB easily.

On the very next play, JT lined up on the right, and the Phins rushed pretty much straight up.

So, now 4 players rushing against 5 players. JT was taken up by the left tackle at the top. The line clearly was worried about him. But, Rodrique Wright used good technique to out leverage the guard and make a play on the QB. I believe in this case a moment of confusion on the guards part about who was rushing gave Wright the advantage.
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