Sunday, December 09, 2007

A change of heart

I have joined the bandwagon to ditch Cam Cameron. Nice guy, seemed to have the team around him until they went 0-10....but now here it is 0-13, and I think the he has lost the team ("I know they're in the locker room somewhere!")

But, its more than that. Its game planning. Its personnel management. Its coaching decisions. He just is not getting it done. Doesn't help that he hasn't had much luck, but its over.

I have to tell you that there were 3 decisions that turned the tide for me:
(1) His handling of Beck in the this game. He had Beck throwing dinks and dunks and handing off. After only a couple of series, he brought in Lemon. And he had Lemon "open up" the playbook. What was the thinking? Are you trying to win a game, or get the most out of your young QB? Shouldn't he be learning from experience rather than being sent to the bench? Its not like his receivers or o-line were helping him, particularly.

(2) Why was Lorenzo Booker not on the field until the second half. The guy has talent. There are lots of injuries. Why not get him out there sooner? Like when the game actually mattered.

(3) Late in the game, he eschewed a 51 yard field goal and went for it on 4th and 8. Then, a few plays later, he faced another 4th down and he sent in the field goal unit. There's nothing quite like actually challenging your players to win, is there?

Ay yay yay. So, 0-16 is staring them down. And I'm respectfully asking H Wayne to call upon his background in waste management, and take out the garbage here. Go ahead. Cam should go, along with at least half of the coaching staff. I have no objection to doing it now.
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Wayne needs to get out of town as well...