Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad behavior

Its been a while since I mentioned Bill Bellicheat.

As I've discussed in the past, the NFL wants very badly to distance itself from anything that might tarnish its image. In Michael Vick's case, yes dog fighting is bad, and cruel, and should be punished. But, the real threat was from Vick allegedly bankrolling the entire operation across state lines. That might have led to charges for racketeering, and would have brought to light that Vick was, in fact, gambling on his dogs. In that case, the NFL would stand to lose a lot. So, Vick gets accused of dog fighting and is kicked out of the league for the same.

Then, there's Pac Man. Of course, there was an altercation and shots were fired, and someone was paralyzed. Again, that's bad. But, what gets left out is that Jones had $83,000 in cash that he was carrying around in a garbage bag.

With all the money laundering laws, and various pieces of homeland security that are in place, it makes one wonder: how in the heck did he get $83,000 in one dollar bills? Its not like he could simply walk into his local bank and say he'd like to withdraw that amount. (A) because no one would have it, and (B) because he'd set off several government alarms for potential mis-deeds. I'm sure the NFL wanted to tread lightly, because it is possible that he got them through some means they didn't want to know about, or didn't want exposed.

And that leads us back to ole' Bill. Sure, maybe every NFL team has some sort of rule bending or whatever. I have nothing new to add here, really, except to say that I heard Brady say the other day something like they don't just want to win, they want to embarass the other team. For shame. And the coach should be ashamed, too. Its possible they're still cheating in some way, and comments like that are just stupid, and draw attention back to it all. Bill wants this to just go away. It can't as long as there's no humility.
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