Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What else can happen?

Ricky Williams was suspended for about 18 months. He comes back, and after 8 days, gets his first playing time. He carries 5 times, and gets a hard hit and fumbles on the fifth carry. He left and came back later for one more carry.

The announcers thought that his time away from the game contributed to his injury, and later realized their mistake.

A player for the Steelers steps on him while chasing the ball after the fumble. I have my doubts it was quite the accident, and our resident wanker says he has HD, and could see the guy's eyes, and he knew what he was doing...

In any event, it turns out that Ricky tore a chest muscle and will need at least 6 weeks to recover.

So, his season is done.

What's left that can go wrong? Cam gets a hangnail?
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