Monday, November 26, 2007


What a waste of a game. It was the second time this year there was a 30 minute rain delay, and the 4th(?) time this year that Miami played in a deluge...

I really have nothing to say about this one...3-0, with the lone score coming with a few ticks left. The weather was a big factor, and Miami's general ineptidue was another factor.

It was, ummm, yeah, ummm, short. At least it only lasted about 2 and a third hours.

I don't have a wanker. I don't even have a play I can single out as particularly good or bad that won or lost the game. And that's basically the reason I have little to say.

I remember the '82 snowplow game that Miami lost 3-0. I found that one to hold some intrigue, because a win that season might actually matter. Here, not so much.

I found myself hoping it would stay nil-nil through OT, so Miami could be 0-15-1. But, alas, their fate at 0-16 seems assured, because they found yet another way to lose.

6 of the 11 losses are by three points or less. That's a team that needs an exorcism.
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