Monday, November 12, 2007

The play of the day...

With respect to the NFL, CBS, and the Dolphins, here is the play that effectively ended the Dolphins day. Ted Ginn jr had just had his kick return called back. And here was Miami with a first and 10. A good drive could end the game in Miami's favor.

Again, Miami had a good playcall. Lemon was to drop back and heave the ball 30 yards or so to Booker who was running a crossing route from right to left. He was wide open. The ball was well placed.

And Marty dropped the ball. The moment should have been seized. Instead, it ended Miami's day...

He was on Buffalo's sideline, and was "taunted" by two players - you can see the guy miming that he should have made the catch on the right of the picture; the guy on the left comes over and asks for a high five.

Marty came back to the huddle, and he was shaking his head and looking at the ground. At that point, I knew *he* was defeated. And that sort of attitude permeates the team. It was over.
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