Monday, November 19, 2007

A little more on "the old rookie"

As I said, John Beck had a decent outing this week.  Consider that last week, Cleo was 16 of 29 for 131 yards, with no TDs and no interceptions, a 66.88 rating.
This week, Beck was 9 of 22 for 109.  That's a 56.82 rating.  I would argue that their stats were somewhat similar.  Lemon had a rushing TD, and presumably Beck *could have* had one from the goal line, if the coaches wanted to call his number.
That was what I thought was Lemon's best effort.  This was Beck's first effort, so you have to figure he'll get better.  I have no issues with that...
And consider this: Miami had 11 drives on Sunday.  Here was the starting field position:
own 34
own 29
own 7
own 2
own 36
own 7
own 23
own 35
own 14
own 44
and own 13
So, 5 times (46% of the time), Miami started from behind its own 20.  Find me a QB who is successful when that's the case.  That's right, there really isn't one.  Beck did a decent job with what he was given.
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