Monday, November 19, 2007

*the* key play of the game

Philly was driving with about 4 minutes gone in the second half. Miami's defense had been playing pretty well to this point, and here it was 1st and 10 on the Miami 13. Miami had a lead.

Will Allen comes on a blitz. He gets to McNabb, and causes a fumble which Miami recovered. And McNabb gets knocked out of the game...

Only, there was laundry on the play. Allen was ruled to be offsides and Philly was given the ball back, had another first down, got AJ Feeley into the game, and scored on the next play. And that was the key to everything on this day.

As I watched it, I thought Allen came across quickly, but when they reshowed it, I wasn't so sure. Here are a couple of screen captures taken from the CBS feed, and with thanks to them, the NFL, and the Dolphins, I'd like to show you what I saw:

Presnap. The ball is circled on the ground. While Allen is moving forward, he is behind the blue line, which I think is a good representation of the line of scrimmage given the ball's position.

At the snap. The ball is now off the ground, and is somewhere obscured from view behind a lineman. Allen is still coming, and now he may be over the line, but then again its close; too close to call at this point....but it doesn't matter because the ball has been snapped already.

So, IMHO, the officials blew the call. Yes. it was close, but I believe Allen timed it perfectly. Too bad that's not challengeable.
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