Monday, November 05, 2007

ANd the winner is...

A short time ago, Cam announced that Cleo Lemon will remain the starting QB for the Dolphins. He claims its because Lemon is a "veteran," and because he has a "gut feel."

"We feel confident when given the opportunity he'll do fine, but right now Cleo is practicing extremely well. Cleo does a lot of good things. Cleo has given us an opportunity to win in a couple of these games and we're going to continue to go in that direction. If I feel like a decision needs to be made differently and we need to go in another direction then I'll do that."

Yep, he said it, folks. Miss Cleo gives us the best chance to win. Win what, exactly? Why do I care about winning? I care about the direction of this team and where they'll be a year from now. Do we have a QB of the future or not?

Please, please, please show me that you're commited to the success of the franchise, and that you want the fans to have something (anything) to rally around.
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