Monday, November 12, 2007

Advanced topics - offense

I want to take a look at the play that resulted in a safety. As always, my respects to the NFL, CBS, and the Dolphins.

Miami had been pinned near their own goal line. First down was a run for a couple. 2nd down was a drop by Peele. On 3rd down, the play was fairly well designed. The only flaw was that Chatman had to block the defensive end. As for Lemon, there are two rules he has to follow: don't turn the ball over, and don't take a safety.

The play starts, and Chatman lunges at the end. But, he's in a bad position, too low, and the lineman is charging hard. Lemon makes a mental mistake and pump fakes to try and make the lineman freeze. The lineman reacts by stretching...

... but its clear he sees its a fake, and continues to Lemon, who now has no chance.
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