Monday, November 12, 2007

Advanced topics - defense

Again, with respect to the NFL, CBS, and the Dolphins, I'd like to show you the play that changed the momentum for the Bills. They had just gotten a first down on the 4th with a QB sneak a few plays prior. But, Miami was holding them off.

Then, Beefalo got creative. They wanted to create a mismatch with their big tight end on a linebacker to get a short gain. So, they used the wideout to the right of the offense to clear the corner, and then the tight end slipped out into the flat to make the catch.

The problem with Miami's defense was that, technically, no one covered him. Porter rushed the passer. And Crowder was caught in no mans land. He simply stood around, and looked into the backfield. He was watching the playfake, and then just watched the QB. He did not react to the tight end, who should have been his responsibility.

In other words, the play worked even better than the Bills could have hoped. They scored 1 play later.
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