Thursday, October 25, 2007

A word or two about the patsies

As you well know, I am no fan of Bellicheat. I still think there's more to this story. But, this entry is not about that. Rather, its about some of the play on the field that makes them successful.

On offense, everyone says you can stick any player out there and they can have success. That's probably true, with the exception of Brady. But *why* is that? I have a theory, and I can substantiate it based on the plays I've seen them run. The first thing is that they keep it extremely simple. The second thing is that they run the shotgun spread formation, so Brady lines up 5 or so yards behind the line, and then on passing plays, Brady takes about a 5 step drop. So, when he get ready to throw he's about 8 yards behind the line. He can scan the field and look for receivers. The line merely has to keep defenders at bay for 3-4 seconds, and then the distance they have to travel takes an additional 4-5 seconds. Which means Brady has 8-9 seconds to look for a receiver. And the line all look like heros. Its a no brainer, but no one else is even attempting it.

(typically, when a team employs the shotgun, the QB stays where he is, and does NOT sprint backward. What Brady does runs counter to convential wisdom)

Meanwhile on defense, their whole goal is to not tip their hand as to scheme. Simple. Create movement, and momentary confusion. Again, why doesn't anyone else do this?

But I have to add: I've seen the hilights now, and I definitely think it was bad form to stick Brady back out there. "boo hoo, we're only up by 21, and maybe Miami can come back..." Fine. But why have Brady throwing the ball?
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boo hoo the pats won don't be mad the fishheads are going for another perfect season squish the fish go pats