Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why apathy?

I mentioned that some of my peers were referring to me as "apathetic Dave" because I did relatively little bitching. I guess the issue boils down to these points:
* Miami hasn't won a superbowl since the Ford administration; most of the players on this team weren't even born yet
* Miami's last appearance in the superbowl was 23 years ago; while most of these players were in diapers.
* Miami's last playoff win was in 2000.
* Their last playoff appearance was in 2001.
* There have been 13 players who have started at QB since Marino retired - 8 years ago.
* Other than two players on defense, there haven't been any memorable names on this team since Marino. None on offense. Unless you count Ricky. (haha)
* Nor have there been any truly memorable plays in that span. Okay, I'll grant you that seeing JT make a fumble return or interception return for a TD is exciting, but do you remember those as well as "the spike play?"
* We've had 5 head coaches since Shula - over 12 years. Each of them has "cleaned house" and more or less started over, so there's little continuity.
* Meanwhile, the costs of doing business (parking, tickets, and concession prices) keep going up.

Every team goes through cycles. This has been one long cycle for Dolphins fans.
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