Sunday, October 21, 2007


So just What Did Dave Do?

Well, he went to the annual ."Herald Hunt," held this year on Miami Beach.

I've done it in the past, and have decided that I will do it every year for the forseeable future, whether the Dolphins are playing or not. Its that much fun.

Basically, its a series of puzzles that you have to solve. They're all brain teasers to be sure, and they're spread out over a dozen or so city blocks.

You start by picking up a copy of the hunt guide, and then you answer 5 *very easy* questions. Dave Barry starts things off by giving you 5 additional clues. You use the combination of both to find the five puzzle locations.

You head off and try to tease out what in the heck the possible answer could be to these puzzles. The *only* thing you know for sure is that the answer to each is a number.

You have three hours to complete these, and then you return to the starting point. There, Dave Barry gives you a sixth puzzle to solve. While the first five are difficult, the sixth is downright impossible. And yet, the winners were able to solve the last puzzle in around 5 minutes. Yikes!

Anyway, my team was able to complete 3 of the initial 5 puzzles. We had all the facts for the last 2....but one we came up blank on one answer (later when Dave Barry explained it, we realized that we were not alone; a lot of people didn't get this one and booed at him), while the other we had the answer written down, but didn't realize it....

You need all 5 to solve the last one, so we had to stop there.

Ah well, it was a good time. And much, much, much better than watching the stinky Dolphins play!
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