Sunday, October 07, 2007

Trent Green

I'm not sure what the injury to Green was. I had heard he wasn't moving at all after he was hit. And later I heard he was knocked out, and it was a severe concussion, not unlike the one he had last year. Our thoughts go out to him and his family. While I wanted to bench the guy, I certainly didn't wish him ill.

But, the reality is that his season is almost certainly over, and his career is probably over, too. The Dolphins knew he was "one hit away" from being knocked out of a game, and that appears to have come true after 5 games.

And that will go down, ultimately, as one more draft pick given up for a QB that just didn't work out. This time, its due to injury, but the fact is that Miami can't catch a break when it comes to the QB position, can they?
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